8 Reasons to Pick Up Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Gather your Whetstones, sharpen your blades and hone your senses as you get ready to enter the new frosty region in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, out now for the PS4 and Xbox One! Many beneficial updates have been added to the game to give hunters more unique ways to combo their attacks and have graded the user experience in the new region. I personally feel that this paid DLC is worth every cent; CAPCOM has put in a lot of effort in making a great game even greater. Here are 8 reasons why I think you should get Iceborne!

Image From Capcom

1. It’s a Behemoth of an Expansion.

Thought World was a large scale game? Iceborne will be an equally massive expansion similarly to World. Conquer the captivating new ice-filled lands of Hoarfrost Ridge as you stomp through knee-deep snow on this icy terrain to hunt. As you set up base at Seliana, the Fiver duo is greeted by familiar faces adorned in warm winter wear. A huge improvement, in my opinion, is having all of the NPCs being in closer proximity compared to the original game! This makes accepting quests to upgrading armour or buying food buffs way more efficient for players. A big plus for me!

2. The New Frostbitten Storyline.

No spoilers I promise! The storyline continues with the Fiver Duo discovering a major change leading to the decline of their ecosystem. They explored the freezing lands of Hoarfrost Ridge to set up base and soon many recognizable faces can be found supporting the camp. Though Iceborne skimps on introducing the new monsters, it still was informative as each battle will showcase the special move each Monster will make. Iceborne’s new narrative wastes little time beating around the bush as the story picks off right where the original game ended.

3. Experience Master Rank.

The highest difficulty added into the game so far, comparable to G-Rank or Ultimate in the previous Monster Hunter franchise. Face off against fearsome ultimate versions of your favourite monsters. While they now have a larger Health Pool, deal more damage; and have added movements and mechanics forcing you to come up with new strategies in hunting them down. CAPCOM also released Master Rank Event Quests so do remember to craft the special gear and weapons before the list is refreshed.

4. Fan-Favourites Receive Visual Reworks in Latest Comeback.

The return of fan-favourite monsters will be headlining the features of Iceborne! Expect to find Beotodus, Banbaro, Nargacuga, and more roaming around your locale as you collect the tracks of the new species of Elder Dragon; The Old Everwyrm, Velkhana. The biggest hype for me will be being able to finally fight against Rajang and Zinogre as I have never played the older Monster Hunter series (PSP Monster Hunter Freedom fans where you at!). I can finally relate with the OG Monster Hunter fans in fighting these crowned legacies from the past!
You can also catch Master Rank subspecies roaming around the various maps of New World. While I was tracking for the Nightshade Paolumu, the usual puff of furball is no more and I was abominably greeted with its emo-looking counterpart. It’s wind attacks are far deadlier and have a different element imbued to it; Sleep. It was albeit an easy battle for an Insect Glaive user like me esp since I also do not carry Energy Drinks.

Image From Capcom

5. Frosty Ecosystem; Endemic Life

The glacial ecosystem is accompanied by multiple hot springs spots, building cold resistance and restoring the hunter’s health over a period of time. You can also catch, literally, endemic life bathing in the hot springs. If you are lucky enough, you can find a Golden version of it hanging out with its pals in the middle of the hot springs.

6. Higher Ranked Weapons.

The Ore and Bone trees have received a new Rank 9 version for hunters to craft. The materials for each weapon are relatively easy to source though hunters have to spend a little more time to farm for the materials in the new region whilst not getting detected by the roaming monsters. These weapons align nicely with the increased difficulty when hunters start Iceborne with each weapon having both Attack and Sharpness levels increased.


7. Grappling Like No Other: Clutch Claw

New updates are announced for the Slinger including the addition of allowing hunters to use the slinger whilst their weapons are drawn and the Clutch Claw mechanic, granting hunters the ability to briefly cling onto the monster with ease. Each weapon will deal a different style of attack whilst clung onto the body. You can also force the monster to change directions if clung on the head instead! An Insect Glaive user like myself won’t be using this feature that often but it’s quite comedic having multiple players clung onto the monster together while I am mounted on it. This feature can be possibly explored further when I check out the other weapons!

8. New Meowster Chef!

Located in Seliana’s canteen is Grammeowster Chef who introduces herself as the one who mentored Meowscular Chef in Astera! The entire canteen is built to be very homely to hunters with fresh produce scattered around the room and tables lined with an array of meat and stew. The various felines meticulously help out Grammeowster as she serves up equally humongous portions of meat stews to hunters. I always get this warm feeling when visiting this embodied version of Grandma’s.

Do you have what it takes to be the Cool Kid of Iceborne?

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