ARDENT Gaming Moments

These are trying times for everyone around the world, gamers included. As we are all encouraged to stay home to fight the battle of COVID-19, a lot of us are bonding with each other through gaming.

ARDENT is launching a weekly highlight video series on your favourite gaming moments recorded by your favourite Asian game streamers! We’re looking for content that is funny and entertaining, be it a win or fail! Following our DNA to spread positive energy whilst gaming, we will not be posting any content that contains negative content (thrash-talking other players, raging or tilting moments etc).

Send us your video clips using the form below.

Guidelines for content submission:

1) Clip/ Video length: Maximum 45 seconds
2) Gaming Wins / Fails allowed!
3) Content that insults, degrades any person, company or entity will not be considered.
4) Content that is deemed funny because of ‘inside personal jokes’ between players may not be included as viewers may not catch on.
5) Clips should be raw and unedited as much as possible!

We’ll compile our first video and post it on our YouTube channel soon!

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