[WoW] World First: Queen Azshara Falls First to Method!

Queen Azshara World First
Image from Wowhead

After 13 grueling days of overcoming the war between toxic and frost, swimming amongst fishes, fighting off tornadoes, witnessing Lady Ashvane get her promised power, dodging goop from Orgazoa, dancing to the Queen’s decrees, deciding which realm you want to be in, and managing wards, Queen Azshara finally falls to the prowess and might of Method-EU [Tauren Mill]!

Watch the kill clip at https://clips.twitch.tv/WiseHardTortoiseNononoCat

Here’s a breakdown of the wipe count for The Eternal Palace:

  • Abyssal Commander Sivara = 0
  • Radiance of Azshara = 0
  • Blackwater Behemoth = 0
  • Lady Ashvane = 37
  • Orgozoa = 58
  • The Queen’s Court = 17
  • Za’qul, Harbinger of Ny’alotha = 169
  • Queen Azshara = 356
Race To World First - The Eternal Palace
Image from Method.gg

Congratulations once again to Method for being the defending champions in the Race to World First!


We would also like to congratulate Limit-US [Illidan] for putting up a good fight against Method and was the second guild to defeat the Queen!

We await to see who will be the Top 3, Top 5, and Top 10 guilds to defeat Queen Azshara in World Of Warcraft.

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