[WoW] Battle for Azeroth Patch 8.3: Visions of N’Zoth

Oh my God!

Ahead of Blizzcon’s launch, Blizzard announced the latest update to World of Warcraft, watchable through a YouTube video on Blizzard’s official World of Warcraft channel. For those of you at work who’s unable to ramp up the volumes on your computers and mobile phones and don’t have time during lunch hour to watch the 20-minute video, I’ve got you covered.

N’zoth is free!

So in the previous raid, The Eternal Palace, guilds around the world got wet and wild, plunging themselves right into the heart of Nazjatar seeking the kill of the mighty sorcerous Queen Azshara. Seconds after her defeat, the Queen proceeds to release the old God N’zoth into the world. With that event, Blizzard sets the grounds of which the next tier of content is introduced into the game.

Blizzard drew many lessons from the previous content patches and are not holding back with the introduction of one of 8.3’s biggest features; Assaults. It is being said that to hold back the forces of N’zoth, Titan facilities in Azeroth serve as shields to hold back such titanic forces. In 8.3, get ready to hold off assaults on 2 facilities located in Uldum and Vale of Eternal Blossoms as the forces of N’zoth will pull out all the stops to destroy them in their attempt to destroy Azeroth as we know it. Remember those invasion points from the Legion expansion? Let’s hope the assaults are much more epic and well, different.  Wait wait, how about the War Campaign?

The war campaign is over, and whether or not we liked the epic conclusion resulting in the death of one of the Horde’s key characters, Sylvanas Windrunner has gone rogue. I mean she’s still a hunter and a banshee. Not an actual dagger-wielding rogue, but, you get it. What happens next is anyone’s guess, but it seems since the patch is called Visions of N’zoth, much of the focus is on this Old God which Blizzard has said that for the first time ever, players will face the full force of an Old God in Azeroth. For those who haven’t watched the cinematic video, please do. I assure you it’s quite eventful, for the most part. Right at the end of the video it seems the Alliance and Horde have found some peace as they will rally together against N’zoth.

Players will also be introduced to Horrific Visions which take place in Stormwind and Ogrimmar depending on which faction you play in. Pretty cool from what I’ve seen, being able to see into the future if N’zoth does win. Wouldn’t it be funny if this becomes a Cataclysm-like event and Stormwind and Ogrimmar permanently becomes dark, gloomy and purple? I can only tickle my mischievous mind and wonder. Well these visions do seem like a mage tower-like experience that Blizzard is trying to bring back from Legion.

To defeat an Old God, you’ll definitely need new gear. Not just new gear, but citrus-coloured, orange-flavoured legendary gear! This content update introduces a new legendary cloak from Deathwing’s son, Wrathion. From the video, the cloaks look decent, though I wish they’d look more epic, with Batman-like wings that can grant players who don’t have the Pathfinder achievement like me, flying, at least temporarily. Like, for 2 months.

N’zoth: You wish.

New Raid

With this new legendary cloak and inevitable new gear comes the introduction of a new raid. Ny’alotha is the name of it, this 12-boss raid will feature the full splendour of the Black Empire, ending with what I’m guessing the God of the tier itself, N’zoth. 12 bosses, is quite a number by World of Warcraft’s raid standards. The guild members and I hope that aside from the tuning of bosses’ difficulty which has been quite a roller-coaster ride, the pacing will be nailed right.  You don’t want a 12-boss raid to feel draggy and mundane for ¾ of the bosses and suddenly we’re all stuck at the last 3 for the next couple of weeks.

New Allied Races and Heritage Armor

Two new allied races have been added, with the Vulpera foxes being available for the Horde and the Mechagnomes for the Alliance. Goblins and Worgens get new heritage armour so for players who feel explorative with trying out a new race or existing Worgen and Goblin players who intend to change their wardrobe, this will be splendid news.

There’re a lot of other changes, such as the new Mythic+ affix, revamped Auction House and a possibly new titanforging system, but I reckon we’ll find out more details during Blizzcon 2019 which starts 1 November 2019. My guess is that 8.3 will drop sometime Q1 2020. For players who are excited to try out some of the new features, Blizzard did announce that PTR realms will allow players to try some of these new features out. Check out the full video from Blizzard, and also the end of the War Campaign.

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