WoW: BFA Re-cap – An interview with BloodchaosX

Next, we have Melvyn aka BloodchaosX, another veteran of the ARDENT WoW team!

Melvyn: Hello everyone! I’m Melvyn. I just graduated from university not too long ago, and I play a demon hunter in ARDENT. I’ve been playing WoW since Wrath of The Lich King in 2009. Subsequently I played the first half of Cataclysm, skipped Mists of Pandaria and the first halves of Warlords of Draenor and Legion expansions. Battle for Azeroth will be the expansion I’ve played through a full tier!

Ilhammi: Oh wow! That’s quite a long time. Is the demon hunter the only character you have at level 120?

Melvyn: Haha! Ok so I have about 5-6 characters at level 120? But the demon hunter would be character I’ve spent the most time on, followed by my mage.

Ilhammi: What do you think of Battle for Azeroth in one sentence?

Melvyn: *pauses for a while* Fun, and interactive.

*Both of us laughing*

Ilhammi: What are 3 things you loved about Battle for Azeroth?

Melvyn: I would say, the raids, the corruption system… Yeah I like it in fact. Lastly it’ll be the pacing of content this expansion.

Ilhammi: What are the top 3 things you hated about this expansion?

Melvyn: Hmmm, the Azerite system at the start! Having to grind Island Expeditions and er.. Yeah yeah, the entire Benthic system. That was just bad, because we had to min max it, you have to do a lot of things etc.

Ilhammi: Now you mentioned that you like the corruption system, which was deemed to be quite a controversial system to many, to replace Titanforging. What did you like about it?

Melvyn: Ok so the issue with titanforging has always been about getting lucky to get titanforged gear. You could be doing LFR content and you could get lucky and get a piece that is titanforged. In contrast, a player who is diligently doing mythic+ dungeons on high keys may not be as lucky. With the corruption system, the ilevel of the item doesn’t matter. The corruption effects are additional. Also, there are certain activities now that you can do in the game that guarantees corrupted gear. There was no guaranteed way to obtain Titanforged gear. It was a more of a time-game, the grinding aspect which is a part of the MMO genre. The corruption system is something that you can grind it out to get corrupted gear, which is something I agree with.

Ilhammi: What is your favourite boss fight this expansion?

Melvyn: Favourite or memorable? *laughs*

Ilhammi: Well if there are 2 answers for each, then please give 2!

Melvyn: Alright! Let’s start with memorable. My most memorable fight will be Jaina Proudmoore from Battle of Dazar’alor. Not only was the encounter good, but the things that happened in there were pretty memorable…

Ilhammi: I hate you.

Melvyn: Do you need to explain why…

Ilhammi: No no it’s fine.

Melvyn: Please include the story ok!

During our progression with Jaina Proudmoore, Driftshadow dropped Avalanche on BloodchaosX, leading BloodchaosX to die and subsequently reminding him not to do that again. As if it wasn’t enough, BloodchaosX wrote in a birthday card to Driftshadow reminding him ‘Please don’t drop Avalanche on me!!!’ Legends say that to this day, Driftshadow stares at the birthday card every morning wondering why such a mistake was made. Guilt and sorrow envelops his heart every day, waiting for BloodchaosX to one day get over this.

Ok so my favourite fight would be Zekvoz from Uldir, the one with the 3 adds. It was an interesting fight to me, and the challenges posed to players made it fun to overcome. The 3 phrases and the individual responsibility required all put together in one boss fight all introduced in the  FIRST tier of the expansion made things really fun. It wasn’t a boring boss fight where you just burn down the boss, interrupt stuff etc.

Ilhammi: What is you worst boss fight this expansion?

Melvyn: I would that will be High Tinker Mekkatorque, because it was something new for all of all players? It requires a level of communication from the raid itself. Yeah for me if you screw up the communications, you’re dead because the bots will remain there and you’ll eventually wipe the raid.

Ilhammi: Would you say it’s a poorly designed boss though?

Melvyn: Oh no no. I guess it was Blizzard’s way of introducing a new raid mechanic in the new tier. I guess that’s good. The only reason why I hated that boss at first was because it was something new for everyone; something we weren’t used to. Design-wise I believe it was well designed.

Ilhammi: Bonus question then, what would be your worst designed boss for you?

Melvyn: You know that… squid boss after Lady Ashvane? Orgozoa! Lady Ashvane was a challenging boss for all of us, and fresh off the kill we were pumped, and to one-shot the squid after was just meh. Disappointing. Underwhelming. Yes, Orgozoa

Ilhammi: What will be the most memorable moment for you in WoW this expansion?

Melvyn: You dropping Avalanche on me.

Ilhammi: Wow…. Sigh. Why am I even asking the next question. What would be one moment in the game you would like to forget?

Melvyn: Haha! Ok let’s come up with something different. Hmmm. Wow this is difficult. I’d say… Conclaive. The progression bit of Conclaive. It was torture for us and rest of ARDENT. I don’t know why but yeah it was just mental torture.

Ilhammi: What do you hope to see in future In Shadowlands?

Melvyn: I hope that Blizzard drops systems like Azerite, farming aspects of the game and goes back to its roots like set items for raids, better baseline skills for certain classes. At the start of Battle for Azeroth, it felt like the more you level, the less powerful you feel because of what you needed to do at level 120. I hope Blizzard fixes that in Shadowlands with its new levelling system, which will make the game fun to play. I will want to log in to play the game, not because I have to do it. Haha.

Ilhammi: That’s all Melvyn! Thank you for your time!

Melvyn: Sure thanks for having me!

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