WoW: BFA Re-cap – An interview with Elfaron & Wufuzz

Next up in our interview series we have 2 veteran members from Thailand, Elfaron and Wufuzz!

Elfaron: Hello! I’m a freelance translator! My in-game name is Elfaron. I currently play a protection paladin in ARDENT. I started playing in Vanilla, and I stopped during Burning Crusade. My first character was a Dwarf Priest that I created when Wufuzz and we started the game. I also have a Tauren Druid. Ironically my ever first raid ever was done on a human paladin, full circle eh? I came back in Wrath of the Lich King although I didn’t raid.

Ilhammi: So you have a couple of characters yeah? How many characters do you have at level 120?

Elfaron: Hmmm, 5? I invested more time into my paladin and my druid, followed by my priest thus far. Recently I got my warrior up to level 120 as well.

Wufuzz: Hi, I’m Wufuzz. I’m a CTO for an ecommerce company currently. In WoW I play a warlock, usually raiding with the affliction specialisation. I started playing WoW in Vanilla but I left before The Burning Crusade (first expansion) came out. I returned halfway through the Wrath of the Lich King expansion.

Ilhammi: Which realm did you start out WoW in?

Elfaron: We started in Jubei Thos first. We ended up in Frostmourne because the realms merged yes.

Ilhammi: What do you think of this expansion in one sentence?

Elfaron: Story was promising but overall lacklustre.

Wufuzz: : An overcautious expansion…

Ilhammi: Oh?

Wufuzz: Because I think Blizzard got burned by Warlords of Draenor, they had to strike a balance between Legion’s different direction and WoD.

Ilhammi: What are top 3 things you loved about the expansion?

Wufuzz: Would M+ count? Because I personally haven’t tried any M+ dungeons until this expansion. The corruption system, and Jaina’s story arc.

Elfaron: The gnome and goblin couple Sapprhonetta Flivvers and Grizzek Fizzwrench whom I found very entertaining. We met them again in the War Campaign and Mechagon’s Introduction Quests. M+ dungeons as well, as well as seeing Anduin growing up this expansion.

Ilhammi: Wow you’re quite invested in the story, that’s very nice! What are the top 3 things you hated this expansion?

Elfaron: Oh god.. Teldrassil burning down. Dazar’Alor being difficult to navigate for horde players. Magni’s ‘Azerite WOUNDS’ warcry haha!

Wufuzz: Nya’Lotha is not exactly a very good raid zone to be honest. Also, the usage of mind-control mechanics got boring really quickly because there were just too many fights having it. From Uldir to Battle of Dazar’Alor, I felt that that mechanic was overused. Also, the initial premise of a faction war was not delivered. Having Battle for Azeroth as a title for an expansion which suggests a faction war, but we ended up yet again, battling an old God.

Ilhammi: What is your favourite boss fight this expansion?

Wufuzz: My favourite boss would be N’zoth. During the World First Race, Limit achieved the kill in very epic fashion losing all sanity when they got the kill. The whole encounter felt very epic. The way they did and me watching it, was very interesting.

Elfaron: I would say Jaina Proudmoore is the most memorable. Especially when we wiped on her, she said “beware the daughter of the sea”, which really sent chills down my spine!

Ilhammi: What is your worst boss fight?

Elfaron: Pre-nerf Mythrax! Because we couldn’t bring many melee players because of the way the boss is designed.

Wufuzz: I wouldn’t say it’s a problem with the boss design, but I would say Ra’den. I keep getting the short end of the stick. I try to do mechanics correctly but somehow things fuck up and Purecells resurrects me, only to die again. Sigh. That fight just never fails to screw something up for me.

Ilhammi: What is your most memorable moment in WoW this expansion?

Wufuzz: I would say the AOTC journey for The Eternal Palace. Lady Azshara on heroic was mechanically challenging.

Elfaron: Am I mean if I were to say this? Haha! When I rage quitted during raid. I think it was Zek’Voz, and Driftshadow and Pantsuonhead were having way too much fun for me to handle. Oops? Looking back it was really funny though.

Ilhammi: What is one moment you would like to forget this expansion?

Elfaron: Erm… the above incident? Haha! Ok I’m kidding. Hmmm, I would want to forget the fact that Teldrassil was burnt down.

Wufuzz: Azerite WOUND. Just the way Magni Bronzebeard said WOUND, I really want to forget that haha.

Ilhammi: What would you want to see in future from the game?

Elfaron: Hmmm, despite playing the game for many years, I didn’t sink a lot of time into any of the past expansions as much as my time playing Battle For Azeroth. When we started BFA I started the game without expecting anything. While this is wishful thinking, it’ll be nice if Alliance and Horde players can play together on the same side. I’ve friends on Horde and it’ll be nice to be able to play with them.

Wufuzz: Add in interrupt ability to Demonology. Haha! It doesn’t make any sense to me why Demonology lacks an interrupt ability. Haha.

Ilhammi: Anything else to add guys?

Elfaron: I’m actually very glad we found ARDENT. Playing the game with ARDENT has been nothing of spectacular, considering we were just browsing and bumped across the guild and applied.

Ilhammi: Oh wow thank you!

Wufuzz: Nah I’m good! I do my best to be fair to the developers when I look at the game. If this is what the developers deliver as a product package, we’ll enjoy it. It’ll be unfair to put my demands across for the game. It’s like watching a movie and asking why a certain character does this and that. It’s better for me to appreciate everything as it is.

Ilhammi: That’s all! Thank you for your time!

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