WoW: BFA Re-cap – An interview with Narandel

In our second interview, we have Sean aka Narandel who has raided with ARDENT using several characters throughout this expansion!

Ilhammi: Hey Sean! How about we start by introducing yourself, your character and how long you’ve been playing the game.

Sean: Hi! My name is Sean. In my normal day job, I’m a  concept designer working in the games industry. I’ve been doing this for more than 10 years already. My job mainly revolves around designing graphics and art for video games during the initial concept stages before the production. I play multiple classes in World of Warcraft. I have almost every class at level 120 as well. Currently I’m playing a monk and rogue. I have been playing since Vanilla actually when the game was still in Beta so I think that amounts to a good 13-14 years of WoW?

Ilhammi: Wow that’s quite some game time indeed! Will be interesting to hear your insights considering you’ve been playing the game for so long. Now for the first question, what do you think of Battle for Azeroth in one sentence?

Sean: I guess, interesting at first, disappointing at the end? Hahahaha.

Ilhammi: What are the top 3 things you loved about the expansion?

Sean: Hmmm, this expansion. I’d say the Azerite system, when it first came out was interesting. Secondly, the storyline I feel was pretty good. The fact that they used iconic characters like Thrall, Sylvanas and Varok Saurfang in the story was a nice touch. Thirdly, some of the initial raids were pretty good such as Uldir and Battle Dazar’alor; the raids released later on were pretty thrash, to be frank, haha!

Ilhammi: What are the top 3 things you hated about the expansion?

Sean: Top 3? Only? Haha! Ok, let’s see. First I’d have to say: the corruption system. It’s thrash. Secondly, tying in with the corruption system, I’d say it’s the RNG in the game. I feel like the RNG aspect plays too much of a role in the game. Similar to Legion, Blizzard has made the WoW pretty RNG-based, where if you don’t have good luck, it’s hard to play at a competitive level in WoW. Thirdly, I would say it’s about how Blizzard contradicted themselves when they announced features. For example, for the longest time during this expansion Blizzard was adamant about not releasing account-wide essences for the Azerite system. Look at what happened! It happened. I guess it’s the inconsistency of direction which kinda got to me haha.

Ilhammi: What would be your favourite boss fight this expansion? You’ve played so many classes so this is going to be a tough choice yes?

Sean: Yeah, considering that I’ll have to see which fight was the most memorable and fun to me. Hmmm, I’d say Conclave of the Chosen from Battle of Dazar’alor. I really liked fights that have a lot of mechanics. Conclave was one of those fights where everyone needed to know what to do.

Ilhammi: The fight is infamous in ARDENT.

Yeah yeah! For sure! I mean, for example, my favourite fight in Legion is Helya from Trial of Valor. Mechanically intensive for every role regardless.

So it’s your favourite… despite taking 80 plus pulls?

Sean: Yeah, I mean if a boss can take 80 plus pulls for us to down on heroic, it means that at least Blizzard has done something right in terms of tuning mechanics for the boss.

Ilhammi: Alright, what’s your worse boss fight this expansion?

Sean: It’s got to be Dresta’gath. Haha! I don’t even think that’s a boss fight. It feels like an overly tuned add. I honestly feel on normal and heroic, the fight feels very lacklustre.

Ilhammi: What is your most memorable moment in WoW this expansion?

Sean: I would say, that moment when we got our first Ahead of the Curve kill doing G’huun. I mean we just joined ARDENT at the start of this expansion, so it felt really nice achieving that together with everyone.

Ilhammi: What is one moment you would like to forget in the game?

Sean: Hmmm. One moment, one moment… Ah yes! That moment when BloodchaosX gets Infinite Stars on the first week. That’s a pretty meh, you know? Like it’s just the first week of the corruption system and he gets his best-in-slot piece. It’s reminiscent of Legion when he got his best-in-slot legendary In the first week also.

Ilhammi: What would you like to see in future from Blizzard in WoW?

Sean: I would like to see Blizzard listen to the community’s feedback from the game. They need to take a step back from the game, relook what worked during older expansions. While systems like corruption may be exciting, I feel they also need to think in the future upon implementation, what are the possible outcomes and effects such systems will have on the game. I think they intended for the corruption system to work one way, but the system turned out affecting the game differently! They wanted it to be less RNG as compared to Titanforging but look what happened; the game became more RNG in fact! I think there are a lot of good ideas you can see on Reddit, but Blizzard seems to just… do what they want to do. At the end of the day, we players know the game best since we actually play the game.

Ilhammi: Well, that’s it for this interview! Thank you, Sean for taking time today with us!

Sean: Aite man, see you, thanks for having me!

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