WoW: BFA Re-cap – An interview with Pantsuonhead

In our next instalment of interviews, we have Kelvin aka Pantsuonhead (he loves it when you say his name out loud)!

Kelvin: Hi everyone! I’m Kelvin, currently a student. Currently I’m playing a monk, and my name is Pantsuonhead. Wah lan eh, saying my character’s name out loud is cringey.

Ilhammi: See, now you know.

Kelvin: I regret using this name now, damn it. I’ve been playing WoW for two years now?

Ilhammi: So you said currently you’re playing this monk. That means that you’ve other characters as well yeah? Tell us about them!

Kelvin: Ok er… I mostly play tank classes, I have a warrior called… Warpantsu. I have a DK (death knight) called Lacepantsu…

Ilhammi: I hope you’re cringing at all your names.

Kelvin: Argh I wanna change my names now! Yes I have a druid called Incomplete, and I’m contemplating playing a mage now.

Ilhammi: What do you think of Battle for Azeroth as an expansion in one sentence?

Kelvin: BFA is a very RNG expansion.

Ilhammi: What are the top three things you loved about the expansion?

Kelvin: Haha! Hmm the new affixes for Mythic+ dungeons? Hmm… Wow this is hard. I wish I can give you two more but I can’t find anything good really that stands out.

Ilhammi: What are top three things you hated about the expansion?

Kelvin: Oh! Okay! RNG is one, boring tank mechanics, and hmm, the amount of grinding that I needed to do, making alt-levelling very unfriendly.

Ilhammi: What is your favourite boss in BFA?

Kelvin: Hmm, let’s see. I’d probably say G’huun. It was the first raid boss of the expansion, so it was pretty exciting to see new mechanics while they were still fresh, before everything became pretty stale and boring.

Ilhammi: What is the worst boss in Battle for Azeroth then?

Kelvin: Lady Azshara. It was an insane, mechanically-heavy fight; not to say that I’m not a mechanically skilled player but, yeah it was a mechanically-heavy fight.

Ilhammi: And that makes it bad because?

Kelvin: Erm, other people might not be skilled enough to do it? Haha they’ll get slapped harder than usual.

Ilhammi: Ouch! And what is the most memorable moment in WoW for you this expansion?

Kelvin: Oohhh Fuck! (Check out this link!)

– Both of us laughing –

Ilhammi: But why though?

Kelvin: Because I didn’t expect to fly, but I had wings and it was a perfect moment.

Ilhammi: What is one moment in the game you would like to forget?

Kelvin: Hmmm, wow, was there any particularly bad? I don’t think so.

Ilhammi: I mean, anything you can think of?

Kelvin: Oh! Maybe the entire 80-pull Conclave journey!

Ilhammi: What do you hope to see in future for Shadowlands?

Kelvin: More alt-friendly ways of levelling and gearing please, less RNG and more ways to earn gold! I need the gold!

Ilhammi: That’s all Kelvin! Thanks for your time!

Kelvin: Thank you too!

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