WoW: BFA Re-cap – An interview with Purecells

With World of Warcraft releasing its last content patch this expansion, we managed to sit down with the veterans of the ARDENT guild to get some thoughts on what they felt about the expansion.
First up, we have raid leader Bernard aka Purecells!

Ilhammi: Hey hey! Thanks for making time for us today, how about you start with introducing yourself, your character and how long you’ve been playing the game.

Bernard: Ok hi! My name is Bernard, I’m an IT support engineer. I main a druid and I’ve been playing WoW…. In total I would say, one and a half years? I played a bit of Wrath of the Lich King here and there, and I came back to Legion last year during 7.3.5? Yeah.

Ilhammi: So you said you main a druid, so you mean you have other classes also.

Bernard: Yes…I do?


Ilhammi: So tell us, what other classes do you play?

Bernard:  *laughs* Ok so I have a druid, I have a mage, I have a monk, I have a shaman, a demon hunter, a rogue, a warlock, I have… wait, that’s too many.

Ilhammi: At 120? That’s insane (Backstory, interviewer is not into levelling alternate chracters)

Bernard: Ok, I’ll tell you what I don’t have. I don’t have a warrior at level 120. I don’t have a priest and a hunter at level 120.

Ilhammi: Oh ok, do you have these classes at level 110 at least or?

Bernard: Oh no no! one is just at level 20 one is just at… yeah.

Ilhammi: Alright cool! So you’ve gone through the entirety of Battle for Azeroth as an expansion, a full expansion, yes?

Bernard: Yes, this is my first full expansion, yes.

Ilhammi: With that, what do you think of BFA as an expansion in one sentence? No retake ahhh.

Bernard: *laughs* For me, it’s an okay expansion.

Ilhammi: What are the top 3 things you loved about the expansion?

Bernard: Top things I loved…. WoW that’s difficult. Ok top 3, ok 1st would mythic+ dungeons! Hmmm, next would be the raids ba. Yeah some of the raid fights la. Lastly it’d be the art. Actually the art in BFA is quite legit.

Ilhammi: Ok then what are the top 3 things you hated about the expansion?

Bernard: Haha this gonna be hard as well, cuz there’s a list of things I didn’t like about this expansion.


Ok I guess, the top things ah. Ok top 3 ah. First I’d say it’s also the raids. So there’s good and bad about the raids. In terms of the fun factor of the fights, I’d say 75% of the encounters in the expansion aren’t very fun to do.

Next, would be the feeling of being forced to do content. When I was playing in Legion, I had the feeling that I could do anything, whatever I wanted. Coming into BFA, there’s a list of things I needed or was expected to do, like weekly dungeons, raids, quests and such just to be relevant in the content.

Last part of the expansion I hated would be island expeditions and warfronts, tied with the introduction of the Nazjatar and Mechagon zones.

Ilhammi: Ah, Nazjatar and Mechagon! Why didn’t you like them?

Bernard: Hmmm, I’d say… no feeling lor. Like the the need to grind is there, but the feeling of satisfaction wasn’t there for me.

Ilhammi: Ok let’s move on! Speaking about boss fights earlier, what is your favourite boss encounter this expansion?

Bernard: *Thinks for 5 seconds* I would say Conclaive from Battle for Dazar’Alor.

Ilhammi: *laughs* my goodness, why though!

Bernard: Like really, of all the fights, that was the most challenging and most fun of them all. I guess I have my own idea of what ‘fun’ is. Haha!

Ilhammi: Because of the sheer challenge yeah, how many pulls did we take for that boss again?

Bernard: Yes! We took 80 plus pulls for Conclaive. Till today it the highest number of pulls the guild has ever had to down a boss.

Ilhammi:  Yes indeed, it was the boss encounter that challenged the guild the most! On the other end, what is the worst fight to you this expansion?

Bernard: The worst boss fight… Hmmm, that’s difficult… that’s difficult… If I had to choose one boss fight, it would still be Battle of Dazar’alor’s first boss, the Champions of the Light. Haha…
Actually! Can I take it back..? Haha wah this is fucking hard. Ok the worst is still, Drest’agath. At least Champions of the Light still got some mechanics. Dres’tagath is just all over the place. Sigh.

Ilhammi: What is your most memorable moment this expansion?

Bernard: Crucible of Storms, heroic. Final boss.

Ilhammi: Oh! Uunat. Cool.

Bernard: Yeah was some pretty Monka action right there.

Ilhammi: Why Uunat though?

Bernard: Hmmm if there was a top 3 best fight for me, I would rank that as the top 2, because I felt we were barely getting the kill? It felt like the guild was very excited for the kill right at the end.

Ilhammi: What is one moment in the game you would like to forget?

Bernard: Erm… Drest’agath? Haha!

Together: Haha!

Bernard: Seriously Blizzard, I don’t know why you created that boss. Up till now I still have no idea why that boss exists.

Ilhammi: What do you hope to see in Shadowlands?

Bernard: No more essences. Wait, actually essences are fine. I think, No more Azerite.

Ilhammi: Oh?

Bernard: I think the Azerite system, at the start, it punished players who don’t play the game a lot because of Reorigination Array. If you lagged behind, it was really hard to catch up. Hmm, I guess there’s nothing else… Actually, I also don’t really like the corruption system. I think it makes players complacent when they get good traits.

Ilhammi: Ok great! That’s all?

Bernard: Yeap that’s all!

Ilhammi: Thank you Bernard for taking time out.

Bernard: Thanks for having me!

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