Mythic Raider Expectations

How we operate for raids?

  • Loot
    Personal loot system. We use RC Loot Council to distribute gear that raiders choose to pass up.
    Main > Alt
    Main-Spec > Off-spec
  • BOEs
    To be sold by the officers.
    50% of the sales proceeds will be given back to the player who looted the item, rest of the funds goes into the Guild Bank.
  • Roster
    Mythic requires a fixed roster of 20. We will want to have a maximum of 25 players on the roster, so people don’t always stay on the bench.
    If players need to tend to urgent IRL stuff, or we need to rotate players based on the optimal composition for each fight, then we will hope for every raider’s understanding on this. The team’s goal is to down each boss as effectively as possible, and as such, we may have to rotate players for certain encounters. All raiders to stay contactable during raid nights.

What do we expect from you in raids?

  • Come Prepared
    Be up to date with guides and strategies highlighted by the raid leader.
    We encourage people asking questions. For example, if you are unsure about your assignments, or how to approach a situation where mechanics overlap.
    But please don’t ask ‘what does this mechanic do’. It really shows lack of preparation prior to raids.
  • Consumables
    Needless to say, best enchants and gems on your gear.
    Bring tomes so we don’t waste time summoning people.
    Bring your oils/stones, armor kits and runes.
    As of now, we provide raid feasts and cauldrons, as long as all raiders contribute the bare minimum of mats that has been communicated with them, regardless of them missing any scheduled raid days. Team work makes the dream work. We value a raider who does his/her part in that regard.
  • Be Punctual
    Invites go out from 8.15pm for all raiders who signed up prior to the raid night itself.
    Lineup for each fight to be sorted by the Raid Leader.
    We start pulling at 8.30pm sharp.
    Inform prior if you will be late. Do not make 19 other people wait for you to finish a dungeon/torghast/arena/WQs. Respect each raider’s time.
    Latecomers will be liable to being replaced for the raid session.
  • Meet Raid Leader’s Expectations
    Mythic raiding is not a training ground for sub-par players.
    We expect players to play at a high level; both in skill, attitude and maturity during raids.
    We check logs. If you fail mechanics or don’t dish out enough output, it’ll show.
  • A Good Raiding Attitude
    Refrain from talking during fights. Give vocal space to your raid leaders or whoever calling out mechanics.
    Be patient, while being vocal and constructive with your feedback.
    Any negative findings or complaints can be addressed to your raid leaders via DM; there’s no need to call out anyone in public.
    Commenting “Why are we dying” doesn’t magically kill the boss. If you noticed something that can be improved, point it out specifically while suggesting a fair solution.
  • Representation
    Our raids are being streamed on Twitch by several people. Do not do anything that will result in any TOS breakage for our streamers.