About Us

What's Your #Ardentity?

Very Enthusiastic or Passionate;
Burning; Glowing

ARDENT is a Gaming Collective consisting of a group of gamers and content creators who share a common vision of gaming while upholding the spirit of positivity, good vibes and bringing out the best in one another.

Originally established as a World of Warcraft PvE raiding guild in the Frostmourne realm, ARDENT grew in ranks and the members have forged friendships outside of the world of gaming.

In January 2019, the guild expanded its horizons to form a collective, looking beyond World of Warcraft to include additional games. Our current supported games include World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV, Diablo 3 & Apex Legends!

As a collective, expect to see an interesting variety of content, from funny fails, clutch boss kills, to pro plays; All through the eyes of the individuals of ARDENT!

The Founders

About Melvallous

ARDENT Collective is founded by Melissa A.K.A Melvallous!

Positioned as one of the leading Twitch Streamers in Singapore, Mel primarily creates gaming content via livestreaming and on social media. She is a Verified Partner on Twitch, and a Partner with Discord. She is also the co-founder of Singapore-Malaysia World of Warcraft Community!

Her community is widely known as one of the most lively and positive
gaming communities in Singapore. She has a popular motto "Can Is Can" to signify that anything is possible.

Through the leadership of Mel and the ARDENT committee, the aim is to spread the love of gaming without toxicity, drama and negativity.

More About Melissa

About Driftshadow

Meet Ilhammi A.K.A Driftshadow, the co-founder of ARDENT Collective!

With over 10 years of experience in business, personal coaching, marketing and sales, Ilhammi offers a wealth of resources to ARDENT and its members. Playing his first computer game at the tender age of 6, he has traversed many game genres, eventually falling in love with drifting games, stealth-based games and World of Warcraft.

In 2011 he took a hiatus from gaming for the next 5 years to focus on real-life responsibilities. Coming back to the world of gaming in 2017, he commits to taking ARDENT to greater heights, realising the collective's potential in Asia's gaming space.

His patience, willingness to teach and sharp business senses are valuable to ARDENT's business development as a collective.

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