Ardent Points

Ardent Points

More savings?! Yes! Ardent Points can be used to redeem exclusive rewards, and enjoy discounts in the Ardent Store.
Enjoy more discounts the more you participate!

How Much Are Ardent Points Worth?

1 Point =
i.e 100 Points = $1
1000 Points = $10

Do Points Expire?

Ardent Points expire 1 Year from date of acquisition. Make sure to use them ASAP!

How To Earn Ardent Points?

Visit The Website+ 5 per day
View A New Post+ 5 per post
Follow Social Pages (One-time)+ 5 per page
Social Media Share (Once for each unique URL)+ 5 per share
Watch A Full Video*+ 50
Register For An Account+ 100
Ardent Prime Signup – Monthly (One-time)+ 500
Ardent Prime Signup – 6 Months (One-time)+ 3000
Ardent Prime Signup – 1 Year (One-time)+ 6000
Make A Purchase+ 1 per dollar spent
*Specific Videos Only

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