About The Community

Ardent originated as a World of Warcraft guild back in 2019!
As the guild grew in numbers, a handful of us found common interests in other games and the Discord server grew into a community that played games such as Diablo 3, Destiny 2, Apex Legends. Some of our members who wished to represent our tag formed teams and clans in various games as well.

We have organised both online community events and tournaments for games such as DoTA Underlords, World of Warcraft, Destiny 2 and F1 2021. In the physical space, Ardent debuted Singapore’s first nightlife concept for gamers. Held in Clarke Quay in November 2019, our plans for a 2nd episode were put to a halt when the pandemic hit.

Fast forward to April 2022, Ardent is very excited to announce our upcoming events, both online and offline for the community and friends. Join our Discord server and engage with the rest of the community to be invited or eligible for member-only events, giveaways and more!


Ardent Collective Discord Server


Ardent Collective Relaunch Party 2022


Ardent Spotlight Giveaway - ASUS ROG


To Be Announced. 🙂


To Be Announced. 🙂