Ardent Collective – Destiny 2 Clan

Welcome to the official Destiny 2 Clan of the Ardent Collective.

About The Clan

ARDENT Collective is an ever-growing Destiny 2 clan originating from Singapore (GMT+8).

Since 2018, we have evolved into a diverse group of Guardians from all over the Asia-Pacific. Known members hail from AU, MY, ID, KR, MO, PH, SG, VT, and TW.

While most of us are playing on PC-platform, we welcome Console-players too!

2023 Lightfall

Core raid teams of existing raids are here to help fellow clan members achieve those truly hard-to-get end-game Raid Triumphs. Guided runs for all raids are available upon requests (Yes, even the latest Lightfall raid once we are familiar with it)!

Don’t be afraid to reach out to any of our experienced KWTD Raiders or Clan Leaders!

Clan Culture & Etiquette

Every Guardian in ARDENT Collective is expected to treat one another with utmost respect.

Please keep all Destiny-related discussions in our Discord and in-game chats civil and toxic-free.

While we encourage all ARDENT D2 Guardians to mingle and form fireteams within the clan, ultimately you choose who you wanna play with.

Endgame Activities

Assorted raids can be organized, ranging from Triumph and Pinnacle gear runs to teaching sessions for members of ARDENT Collective.


ARDENT Collective is a clan of mature gamers who value social interaction above all else. Whether you’re a New Light player or in any of the Diamond-tiers, we welcome you.

Due to limited clan roster slots, ARDENT Destiny 2 Clan members who have not logged in for 2 consecutive months or longer will be removed. Destiny channels permissions will also be revoked.


If you resonate with what we stand for, and would like to join the clan, we want to hear from you!
Join our Discord Server now to enquire more.