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WoW: BFA Re-cap – An interview with Purecells

With World of Warcraft releasing its last content patch this expansion, we managed to sit down with the veterans of the ARDENT guild to get some thoughts on what they felt about the expansion. First up, we have raid leader Bernard…

10 Things You Should Know Before Starting Out World of Warcraft

With patch 8.3 around the corner to wrap up World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, a new raid will will be released. The new expansion Shadowlands was announced a few months back and it wouldn’t be out till later this year.…

ARDENT Underlords Championship – Registration is now OPEN!

Presenting the ARDENT DoTA Underlords Championship! We’re super excited to be able to provide a platform for the best Underlords players in the region to compete in our first championship supported by Sin Esports and GamelinG ! Winners take home a combined cash prize pool…

[Review] Destiny 2: Shadowkeep

The Destiny franchise has always been about evolving and improving upon itself with the troves of feedback from its ever-growing supportive fan base and critics alike, with every expansion that rolls out, and Shadowkeep is no exception. It really has been…

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