ARDENT – World of Warcraft Guild

Welcome to the official World of Warcraft Guild of the Ardent Collective.

About The Guild

<ARDENT> is a GMT+8 Alliance guild based in US/OC Frostmourne, now known as Connected Jubei’Thos connecting Dreadmaul, Frostmourne, Gundrak and Thaurissan. Our current member base consist of players from Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and more.

Originally formed by the Ardent Collective co-founders as a casual community guild during Legion (2018), the guild was largely focused on clearing Heroic raid content at a relaxed pace.

In Shadowlands, the guild formed a brand new roster of players to pursue Mythic raid content throughout 9.0 (Castle Nathria). The team finished the tier with 9/10M before taking a break from the game.

Since Dragonflight, the guild has rebuilt its roster to cater to players of all commitment & skill levels.

Read more below to learn more about what we are looking for.

Guild Culture & Etiquette

In <ARDENT>, we want to create and maintain a conducive environment people want to login for.
We are a social collective at heart that plays a variety of games together outside of WoW.

Whether you’ve just started the game or have been playing the game since the beginning, we welcome you as long as you are in line with the guild’s culture and values summarized below:

The Golden Rule. Be respectful to one another. We have zero tolerance for bad manners and toxicity. Problematic players will be kicked from the guild, no questions asked.

Know your position. If you have the luxury of time & money to gear up your characters faster than your fellow guildmates while playing in a CASUAL group, good for you. If you are here to showboat, flex your skills and put down others, look elsewhere. Inflated egos are not welcome here.

To err is human. It happens to the best of us. Rather than being defensive, be accountable for your actions and mistakes. Keep yourselves in check, and give constructive feedback to your fellow teammates when necessary. It’s a team game after all!

Adhere to the respective team requirements if any, and do your due dilligence before joining or applying to any raid/dungeon runs within the guild. Respect everyone’s time!

The guild does not exist to serve entitled folks. Nobody owes anyone anything. Be grateful for any help that is rendered to you. And ask nicely if you need assistance.

“Casual” is too casual? “Mythic” is too hardcore? Not happy with how some things are being run? Feel that you are better off in another guild?
No problem. You do you. But we value open feedback and direct communication. The officers are always just a DM away. If we don’t hear from you, don’t assume that we know how you feel.

TLDR; Be Mature, No Drama, No Elitism, No Spoon-Speeding.

Member Perks

Ardent Collective is not just a guild. We don’t use the word “collective” loosely. =)
We will always remember our origin story with World of Warcraft, and continue to build both our brand and our community. Above all, we value loyalty! Current member perks include but not limited to:

  • Guild-exclusive giveaways, events, and contests ranging from online in-game challenges, product discounts & giveaways from our online store, offline gatherings and more.
  • Sponsorship of guild repairs, phials and consumables for the Core Raiders of progression team.
  • Special perks for leadership positions such as raid leaders and officers.


We understand that every player enjoys the game in different ways, at their own pace. While the guild welcomes everyone who is in line with our values, it will be helpful if we know what your goals are when joining the guild. So yes, ANYONE CAN APPLY!

Read the sections below CAREFULLY and identify with us what you are looking for when applying to the guild, so that we can manage expectations.

The Casual / Social!

I am a very casual player looking to make new friends.

Casual players are welcome! We do however value players who pro-actively engage with their fellow guild mates and want to be invested in the guild and call it home. In the long run, we want our members to feel welcomed joining in for any normal raids, casual M+ runs, in-game achievement or fun runs, ocasional guild events (both online & offline) etc if there are any being organised.

We want a member base that is active and engaged. So we do not encourage players to just apply to the guild to simply park their characters or alts here, leaving them dormant. Unless specifically communicated with the leaders, members who have not logged in or engaged with the guild for 6 consecutive months or longer will be removed.

Ahead of The Curve!

I am looking to clear Heroic (AOTC) raid content at an effective pace.

ARDENT currently has one raid team, and has attained AOTC.

Raid Schedule: Thursday & Sunday | 8:30PM - 11:30PM GMT+8 (10.30PM - 1.30AM Server Time)

Goal: To maintain an effective & cohesive roster that will achieve AOTC/CE each raid tier, on a 2-day raid schedule.
By "effective", we aim to attain AOTC/CE with time to spare, before every tier ends.

  • The current core members of this team are a group of friends who are mainly working adults, with Mythic/RL experience who want to play in an effective and mature environment.
  • Core raiders of this team will be hand-picked individually by the raid leaders based on performance, attitude & consistency. We continue to assess players as they join us for our weekly runs.
  • Currently, this team has no intention of rushing for CE or rankings.
  • The current team leaders reserve the right to adjust the team’s direction in the future.

What We Are Looking For:
- We are currently NOT recruiting more to the Heroic raid team -

Cutting Edge!

I am looking to clear Mythic (CE) raid content in a more serious, effective pace.

Our current priority is to firm up the guild’s Heroic raid roster(s) first. As we recruit, we may move into Mythic progression again when we have an optimised roster.

By “optimised roster”, we mean having players who are not flaky with their commitment, and have proven to have the goods to show for it. We do not have any intention to rush into forming a sub-par Mythic roster.
When the right time comes, we want to foster a serious & competitive, yet enjoyable environment for our Mythic progression team(s) within the guild.

M+ Dungeons!

I am looking to push M+ keys!

We welcome M+ lovers to join our Discord, catch up, and also have some fun doing M+ with fellow guildees and friends of the guild.

Depending on what each player’s goals are, whether it’s to challenge oneself to push higher keys, just get that +20 for weekly vault, or just low/mid M+ runs to hang out or gear up alts, everyone’s encouraged to get involved!

Nothing wrong with wanting to form your own static M+ groups, but as much as we can, we want to establish a healthy, inclusive and friendly environment for players of all skill levels to feel welcomed playing and representing the guild.

Joining as a Group/Guild!

I come together with a group of friends, or I am an existing guild leader looking to merge with Ardent.

We understand the potential struggles of keeping a group of friends together, and building a great roster that we look forward to logging in and playing with each week. Hit us up to further discuss!

PVP/ Arena

I am looking to do battlegrounds, arena and everything else that involves killing other players.

The guild has primarily been focused on PvE content, but we are open to accept players who want to explore the PvP aspect of the game with us.


If you resonate with what we stand for, and have identified what you are looking for, we want to hear from you! Drop us an application and tell us more about yourself, and we’ll reach out to you for a chat if it aligns.

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