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Best “Stray” Mods & How To Get Them

Less than a month since the cat-ivating title, “Stray” has cat-apulted its way to being one of the biggest video game hits in recent times. How Meow-vellous!

Okok, I’ll chill on the puns. Not really. =3
Personally, I’ve just finished the game on the PS5, but I’m not here to convince you how awesome pawsome the game was. There are enough reviews on the internet by now!

So here’s the thing. As much as I enjoyed being able to play the game as part of my PlayStation Plus subscription, I reckon it’d be fun to replay the game on PC with all the available mods out there.

I picked out some that I found are interesting, and figured to share them here! Let’s get into it.

Garfield Mod – Cartoon Edition

Who doesn’t know Garfield, the popular chonky tabby cat?

Cait Sith Mod – Alternate Face Version

As a fan of anything Final Fantasy, especially FFVII, this is such a purr-fect mod for someone like me! Check out that cheeky grin!

Sailormoon (Luna) Mod

Sailormoon cats, because… why not. This one is still in progress, but you can choose between Luna, Diana or Artemis with various color customizations!

Milo Morales Mod

What’s better than the Miles Morales Spider-Cat suit? Meet Milo the spider-cat, inspired by Miles Morales Spider-man!

Marie (The Aristocats) Mod

Instead of the usual ginger cat, play as the cute, white-furred Marie from The Aristocats!

Spyro The Dragon Mod

Who says we gotta stick with just iconic cats? Play Stray as Spyro the purple dragon! I grew up playing the Spyro games and it’s so nice to see that this mod actually exist, and fits so well too!

Bolt Mod

Sure, we get a dedicated “Meow” button in the game. But why limit ourselves with Meows, when you can go… Woof?

Happy Puppy Mod

Play as a Happy Puppy! ‘Nuff said.

Joke Mod – CJ

This mod is intended as a joke as CJ needs to be modded in any game that exists XD

Liddat also can. Win liao lor. Throwing this in for the lulz.

First-Person POV Mod

Just as the mod says it’ll do; It puts a first-person camera in the game. Talk about immersion!

And there you have it. With mods, there’s are just so many dif-fur-rent ways to experience the game. Time to go a-stray!