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Meta Quest V43 Update Rolls Out Worldwide; VR Users Rejoice!

The new Meta Quest v43 update is rolling out now for users worldwide. If you haven’t gotten it, wait lah. mai kan cheong.

Why should you be concerned over this particular update? In the V43 update, users will no longer be required to use a Facebook account to use their Meta VR devices. A Meta account can be created, although that is optional. Your Meta account will essentially cover your existing Oculus profile, so your social experiences will be streamlined there.

For content creators, V43 also brings about new video recording options to record your gameplay in widescreen for example, which is a game-changer definitely. Can’t wait to see how effective the whole experience is!

For a long time, Meta Quest users have always be critical of the company’s requirement for a Facebook account to use their devices. Watchu doing with my Facebook data Mark?! But yeah, with this update, it is definitely a welcome change. With a new Meta headset on the horizon, things are shaking up for the VR scene. Now with V43, privacy issues are cleared up and we believe more people are willing to jump onboard the VR bandwagon.

Now I can delete my Facebook account. Wait, cannot. I don’t want to lose my relationships with my Primary 1 classmate that I haven’t talked to in 69 years.